Investors Bet Big on Blockchain Gaming: SkyArk Secures $15M Funding

Investors Bet Big on Blockchain Gaming

SkyArk Chronicles, the revolutionary gaming platform powered by blockchain technology, has just reached a major milestone!

With an impressive $15 million in funding, this Triple-A gaming experience is set to take the industry by storm. But that’s not all – the prestigious Binance Labs, known for their groundbreaking investments and cutting-edge crypto exchange platforms, has thrown their support behind SkyArk Chronicles.

And they’re not alone – a whopping 40 investors have jumped on board to be a part of this gaming revolution. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure like never before with SkyArk Chronicles!

Binance takes it to Twitter!

Exciting news just hit the digital skies! SkyArk Chronicles couldn’t wait to spread their wings on social media to share their latest investment triumph.

Their post soared with enthusiasm, declaring, “Hold on tight, because we’ve just completed a jaw-dropping $15 million funding round! Leading the way was none other than the legendary @BinanceLabs, joined by an impressive flock of over 40 institutions.”

Get ready to witness the skyward journey of SkyArk Chronicles as they embark on their next thrilling adventure!

Significant Investors Are…..

In a dazzling display of support, SkyArk’s recent funding round attracted not only the prestigious Binance Labs, but also a star-studded lineup of 40 other investors. Among them were the likes of GuildFi Global, Vividthree Productions, Jambo Technology, and BreederDAO, each bringing their own unique flair to the table.

And let’s not forget the individual investors who added their own touch of brilliance to the mix. LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino, Story Protocol CEO S.Y. Lee, and Tangent Ventures Co-Founder Wangarian all stepped up to play an active role in this exciting chapter of SkyArk’s journey.

With such a diverse and talented group of backers, the future looks brighter than ever for SkyArk.

Firm Plans to Move Overseas

SkyArk has set its sights on an unprecedented journey, aiming to not only achieve remarkable success but also rake in substantial profits with their recent influx of capital.

But that’s not all – they have grand plans to transcend borders and revolutionize the global market, going beyond their home country of Singapore. Get ready for a thrilling adventure with SkyArk as they soar to new heights!

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